Zebman-Chen China【老子有钱登录】 Trip Plan

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Zebman-Chen China【老子有钱登录】 Trip Plan 。I just serve for any free hiking travellers from all over the world.I
will provide you some inquiry or reference about view-visiting,
food,residence during the journey.I shall also propose some exellentor
undiscovered view-spots to you.These can make you experiece a
significant trip. And they can help you raise some money.Any way,I can
design a trip you should feel good quality over its price.

Once any free hiking travellers need my help,I will try my best to
provide services much more for you. For example, introduce classic
viewspots and delicious area food,provide the map of view-
spots’route,book the ticket of airline or train, hotel reservation and
so on. Of course,you should pay me for my satisfied services.

Price:If your trip is in one province;1 to 5 persons,$30 to 150 orRMB220
to 1100;5 to10 persons,$150 to 300 or RMB1100 to 2200.If you have
different view about the prices,you can propose your prices in your
mind,and let

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